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Colorado State Statutes

Statutes are among the highest level of laws and trump rules, regulations, and case law. The Colorado Revised Statutes (C.R.S.) were created by the state legislature and approved by the governor.


  • Titles: Colorado statutes are organized into books, called "titles". Each title comprises one general area of the law.
    • For example, most family law matters are found in Title 14: Domestic Matters. 
  • Articles: Titles are organized into chapters called "articles". An article comprises a more specific area of law.
    • For example, Article 10 of Title 14 is the Dissolution of Marriage Act. This Article is the chapter on divorce
  • Sections: Each article is broken down into more specific units known as sections.
    • For example, the article on divorce matters contains a section on child support (Section 115) and another on how to determine the best interests of the child (Section 124).

Citing to a Statute:

  • A citation lets your reader know where they can find the information you are stating.
  • You cite the law by stating the title number, then the article number, and then the section number. 
    • For example, the citation for the child support statute would be C.R.S. § 14-10-115. 
    • § is the symbol for a section. Hold 'option' and then type '6' on Mac OS for this symbol. In Microsoft systems, hold the 'Alt' key, type '21', and then release the 'Alt' key. Or you may enter "Sec." instead of placing the symbol. 
  • You may also be more specific and cite to the subsection and paragraph of a statute.
    • For example, C.R.S. § 14-10-115(a)(2).

Where to Find Statutes

Many libraries have a copy of the statute books. You may also view all the statutes online for free at the link below.

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