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Fact Finding & Paperwork

1st - Know the Terms

  • Discovery
    • Parties exchange information with each other.
    • You use this information to present your side of the story.
  • Parties 
  • File & Serve  
    • Deliver the paperwork to the court. 
    • Give a copy to the other parties. 
  • Temporary Orders & Hearing 
    • The Court will make a short-term custody plan.
    • The Court will set the child support. 
    • These orders last until the final decision is made. 

2nd - Do the Paperwork

Forms Kit

  • This kit has all the forms for this step in one document.

Individual Forms

  1. Certificate of Compliance  -JDF 1104.
  2. Sworn Financial Statement - JDF 1111.
  3. Financial Supporting Schedules  -  JDF 1111SS
  4. Parenting Plan - JDF 1113.
  5. Child Support Order - JDF 1117.
  6. Certification of Mediation Compliance - JDF 1337
Learn More: Filling out Forms.

3rd - First Case Meeting

4th - Parenting Class

  • What - You must attend a parenting class. 
  • Where - Find classes by location
  • File - Give the Certificate of Completion to the Court. 
    • Some classes may submit that certificate for you.

5th - Go to Mediation

Learn More: Mediation & ADR

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