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Responding to a Custody Case

1st - Know the Terms

  • Petitioner - The person who started the case. That's your child's other parent.
  • Respondent - The person who responds to the case. That's you.
  • Allocation of Parental Responsibilities (APR) - The formal name for a custody case. 
  • Serve/Service - Deliver or mail a copy of the paperwork to the other parent.

2nd - Do the Paperwork

Forms Kit

  • A packet with all the forms.

Individual Forms

  1. Response - JDF 1420
  2. Fee Waiver Request - JDF 205 & 206

Learn More: Filling out Court Forms.

3rd - File the Paperwork

What do I Pay?

  • $116 Starting Fees. Or,
    • Request Fee Waiver - JDF 205 & 206.
    • Note - Fees cannot be waived if E-Filing.
  • Per-Filing Fee
    • For electronic filings only.
    • $6 Convenience Fee.
    • $7.50+ Service Fee.

Give to the Court

  • By Mail
    • Pay by check.
    • Court's address on summons.
  • By Delivery
    • Pay with cash, check, or card. 
    • Check your Court for card types accepted.
  • By E-Filing
    • Set up an account.
    • In some counties starting April 2019.
    • Pay by card.
    • You cannot waive fees if filing electronically.

4th - Serve the Petitioner

Give the Petitioner a copy by:

  • Regular Mail
    • To the last known address. Or,
  • E-Service
    • Done if paperwork submitted by E-Filing.

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